We are an independent real estate agency located in the beautiful city of Alanya-Mahmutlar Turkey on the coast of Antalya region (if they do not already visited, do it and you will experience the right experience and enjoyment). Once we found it, Alanya is not only became our position than what is more important it has become our home. We are proud of what has already become a recognizable and respected agency that believes in this pearl of the Turkish Riviera. We believe that our success comes from our unique approach as we strive to do things a little otherwise than others. We are artists in their work, no matter if it is a regulation of real property or the sale and issuance of real estate in Antalya-Alanya. Anyone can be an artist in his work and proud of what you do if the job doing the right dedication and passion as we do it. We are at your service our clients in the best possible way, even after the purchase or lease of real estate from our offer. If you are interested in buying, renting or selling real estate on the shores of Antalya-Alanya or just for our recommendations or inspection visit, please get in touch with us.

We offer

mediation in the purchase and sale of your property in Antalya-Alanya

We assure you that you will, in any part of Turkey, have the best price. We are looking for you. You could not find a property on our website. Enter your terms you are looking for, and we will respond with an appropriate offer within 24 hours.

Provide full “after sales services” (translation of all directed to the customer and other administrative tasks and services) in order to increase customer satisfaction.

At your service we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While you are abroad, we take over the management and publishing of your properties.

We help in the purchase of furniture and decorating your property in Turkey.

Our vision is to be your first choice to purchase real estate in Turkey. We strive to be the best company and to fulfill all the needs that require our clients, then that is all covered ethically, professionally and that the customer in the center. We are responsible and we strive to offer you the best and most professional services.

We do our best to fulfill clients their dreams and goals. We are honest and act with respect, which makes the atmosphere more pleasant for our customers. If there is a problem in the sales process, then we look at and try to solve it in a professional way to make our customers be more satisfied. We have staff with the potential and strength for future development. We try to find the best partners for business, that you, as a customer, in the best way possible, perform all forms of service at any given time, as well as in the future.

Buying or selling a property

In cooperation with large firms with many years of experience successfully building the right projects that are a symbol of the south coast, on the basis that we are trying to provide to our customers safely, conveniently, quickly and easily become owners of the property of your dreams on the shores of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Popular Alanya has been a most famous tourist destination, and it’s time to pack your suitcases, come and visit us to enjoy the extraordinary meeting of East and West, to enjoy the food and accommodation and to experience unforgettable moments. We offer comfortable accommodation. Pick and become the owner of the property of your taste. One of our goals is that in addition to the real estate for our customers find a property that will be in line with their budget,





Always with you

Transparent and verified by us. Affordable, fast, safe and easy to become an owner of real estate in the sunny and beautiful Alanya.

When buying real estate for sure you are worried about the procedure paperwork, do not worry, We’ll stay with you after purchasing the property, we offer free service around the completion of paperwork and stay, and our goal is to satisfy the demands of customers and that our customers are satisfied with our service of course, a positive socializing continues after all the procedures so that you can safely enjoy this wonderful city, and country.

As for the contract, he signed with the broker who is authorized by the government of Turkey and of course a court interpreter because the contract in two languages; Turkish and the language that the client understands. When considering the purchase of real estate, do not forget that the city of Alanya, which has 330 days of sunshine on average during a calendar year.

Hurry and visit us! Join us on a tour of finished real estate projects under construction and choose one according to your wishes, good luck in choosing.

We are waiting for you, your ANTALYA ALANYA-REAL ESTATE!