Alanya is truly one of the most famous corners of the Turkish Riviera. With its picturesque old town, dynamic resort with many shops, bars and restaurants, something is divided into two parts: the eastern part with the famous Cleopatra sandy beach and the western part of the pebble beach. The impressive Ottoman fortress and ramparts from the XIV century offer a breathtaking panoramic view. Inside the citadel we find preserved beautiful old houses, mosques and Byzantine church decorated with frescoes. Worth the visit is the famous 45 meter high octagonal red pillar Kizil Kule. From the airport of Antalya, Alanya is 120 km away

Alanya has small cities : Asmaca, Avsallar, Bektas, Burçaklar, Buyukhasbahce, Cikcilli, Cumhuriyet, Carsi, Çiğli, Demirtas, Emişbeleni, Güller Pinari, Hacet, Hacimehmetli, Hisariçi, Incekum, Kizlar Pinari, Kargıcak, Kestel, Konaklı, Mahmutlar, Okurcalar, Oba, Payallar, Saray, Şekerhane, Tosmur, Tepe, Tophane.

It is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, in the Antalya Vilayet, and from the city of Antalya is about 135 km. About this city, nestled beneath the mountain range of Taurus, the first written records date back to 4. centuries BC. For centuries, the city has changed several names, but the arrival of the Seljuk dynasty and Sultan Allaedin Keykubada to power 1221.godine, Alanya was called to the day now called.

This place is Mark Antony gave his former chosen, the famous Cleopatra, but there are also spent their honeymoon. Egyptian queen, as recorded data, used this area full of forests for construction of warships. After it bears the name of the most beautiful beaches of this resort, about which we will write in the text, as well as many restaurants, cafes and hotels.

In Alanya, with its surrounding settlements today there are approximately 300,000 inhabitants.

The Mediterranean climate makes it almost half a year, from May until October, this resort is sunny and warm with a very rare rainy days. If you do not like heat, high temperature and high humidity, avoid July and August. Yet the heat is tolerable limits, even if the high humidity, get used to it quickly, but be prepared that will take your towels and underwear on the balcony to dry for longer than usual.

One of the advantages of this place is that the practical handling the entire city stretches along the coastline so you generally only a few blocks away from the beach, because almost all of the hotels are located near the sea. Some of the hotels have their own underground passageways to the beach.

-Kejkubat beach stretches east of the city center and opposite her is a large number of hotels, each of which generally has its own private deck chairs and umbrellas and beach bars. It is characterized by coarse sand or rocks and in the water, which many consider the greatest defect of this beach.

– Cleopatra beach for a reason considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. It is located west of the city center and is about 3.5km long. Fine sand, turquoise water green, but often large waves will not leave you indifferent! If your hotel is not located close to the beach, and you decide to visit it, for 23 lire which is about 4 euro rent two beach chairs and umbrella and enjoy the whole day. If you have never been to Turkey, you will notice that the salinity has a lot bigger.

On the streets of Alanya you can find everything you need, but also learn the skills of bargaining if you have not already. Great stalls, boutiques with exposed edge, which is mainly a copy of the world famous brands of various cotton T-shirts, as well as bags, wallets and belts.

What makes it all the more interesting is that almost nowhere prominent price but you have to ask the seller. Then moving that part of the bargain until either party is not satisfied, and if you do a lot of trips down the price of a commodity, and you ultimately do not buy, they know the offense. Turks are great traders and negotiators, but often grueling and intrusive from the moment you enter their store, some people do not really like.

As for paying for such places are mostly all in euros and dollars. The largest percentage of tourists in Alanya, but also in other Turkish resorts make Russians who almost all pay in dollars.

City Center is located right between the two aforementioned beach. In the evening, especially in the middle of the season, there’s a big crowd, but do not miss the opportunity to walk the streets, markets in some of the many boutiques that are often open until late at night. If you happen to run into an empty or half-empty restaurant, you will see the ingenious bartenders who dance, sing and perform a variety of performances to attract visitors.

Here you and your childrens can have fun because of the proximity to the amusement park, which is open throughout the year, but the price of chips this year were much more expensive than in the past.